Thursday, 11 September 2014

V05 Give Me Texture Instant Oomph Powder Review

I am one of the unlucky few out there that suffer from very fine hair. It has absolutely no volume to it and after brushing and styling it, a few hours later it will be limp and lifeless. I've seen a few reviews for the V05 volume power which are all so mixed. I wasn't sure about it at first, but at £4 I thought I'd give it ago. I would try anything that might help my hair!

I was surprised with how small the bottle actually is. There is only 7g worst of product in there but it should still last you a couple of weeks if you used it religiously. The packaging is bright and attractive like all V05 products - and also the perfect size for putting in your bag so you can volumize on the go.

However, I really didn't get along with this volume powder. I started off using a very small amount of the white powder and apply it with my hands directly to the roots. It made the hairs clump together and the texture felt very tacky, dirty and greasy - I was really itching for a wash! Volume wise, I didn't see a huge amount of difference. I tried adding a little bit more but again, not much luck. However, it does smell really nice but if you want some added texture and volume without the mess, I'd just stick to some dry shampoo!


  1. I had the exact same issue as you with this product, and as a girl who also suffers from flat hair, I really recommend Fat Hair 0 Calories Root Lifter Spray :-)


    1. Thank you!! I will have a look out for it and give it a go :)